Save Money On Your Phone Calls

Smart Caller saves you money on the phone calls you make on a daily basis by providing alternative freephone numbers for those premium rate numbers that companies just love to make you call.
Save £'s
Whether you are calling a 0870, 0845, 0800 or any other 08 phone number you will probably be paying for the call as these numbers are not normally included within any free minutes allowance you may have. The only time you wont pay is when calling 0500, 0800 or 0808 numbers from a standard landline as these are classed as freephone numbers but if you call them from a mobile you will normally be charged. With 95%+ of all adults now owning a mobile phone and an estimated 70% of all calls now being made from a mobile phones these companies are making a fortune from your calls.

Smart Caller have a growing database of over 100,000 phone numbers along with their local rate / freephone alternative numbers.

Smart Caller is FREE and EASY to use. Just enter the company name or the premium rate phone number in the search box and we will provide you with the 01, 02 or 03 phone number that you can call and save money.

Smart Caller – In partnership with Phone Helper App

Phone Helper AppEver wanted to dial telephone numbers on your iPhone directly from your computer?
Now you can and it’s as easy as pointclicktalk!
Next time you’re surfing the internet on your computer and want to call the telephone number you see in your web browser, forget about dialling it. Instead, point and click.

Within seconds, you’ll receive a push notification on your iPhone asking you to confirm that you wish to dial the number.

It’s that easy! Discover more about Phone Helper App.

How Did Smart Caller Start?

Smart caller actually started out as a social media site named “Call Pigeon”. This was a social network accessed through a local phone call and was a way of enabling people to make cheaper phone calls to their friends and businesses. Call Pigeon worked really well for areas with phone service but limited internet access. As internet access has become more wide spread the need for Call Pigeon to exists faded out. To help keep our customers happy we developed a different service which would supplement traditional phone communication and allowing users to connect easily and affordable call premium rate phone numbers.

GillSave Money On Your Phone Calls