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What is The Spirit Radio?

The Spirit Radio has one main goal – to bring together regular music fans with independent Christian Artists. The Spirit Radio are a community who traditionally promote Christian artists through a number of different audio streaming options as well as through promotion on their website. If you would like to find out more about how artists are promoted use the TSR contact number below.

Every day The Spirit Radio website receives 1000s of hits a day, with most of their visitors searching for something new and fresh in the Christian music world.

Unlike many other religious radio stations, The Spirit Radio has stayed true to its religious beliefs and don’t place the emphasis of the music on themselves, but instead the Lord Jesus Christ whilst still producing great music. They desire to lead their listeners into a personal relationship with their Savior and to use their music to glorify God. It is our goal to help these artists get there message out to as many people as possible.

For more than 5 years, by developing their own social network, The Spirit Radio have been bringing together music lovers. TSR decided that this was the best approach and have stuck with it when other radio stations have deviated and either worked on their own or as a pure reseller of the music. The Spirit Radio offer their fans more than other radio stations. As well as offering music clips and photos their interactive website provides fans with a way to interact and communicate.

The Spirit Radio Services

The Spirit Radio provides an excellent source of exposure for your music by providing you with space on our first class website and streaming audio system, but did you know that TSR can also provide you with a number of the other services that you need to take your music ministry to the next level. TSR can provide you with additional music promotion and exposure, CD duplication, website design and website hosting. Please visit the sections listed below for additional information.
MUSIC PROMOTION SERVICES: You provide the music. TSR provides the exposure. We’ll take your music and plaster it all over the Internet through other music promotion websites and Internet radio stations.

STORAGE SPACE, MP3 PLAYER AND SONG LINKS: Don’t eat up bandwidth and server space from your website. Let TSR host your songs for you. Not only will get all the server space you need, but we will also provide you with the code to link to your songs on our site and to place a flash mp3 player on your website. Listeners will be able to listen to your songs being streamed from our server, not yours.

CD DUPLICATION: If you need an inexpensive way to get copies of your CD, then check out TSR’s CD duplication service.

Mailing Address: tSr
9241 W Rising Sun Dr
Pendleton, IN 46064

Phone: 317.501.2242

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The Spirit Radio Phone Numbers

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