Manchester Softball League

Looking for a fun and social sport?

Manchester Softball League is looking to recruit more players and teams.

So what is Softball? Softball is one Britain’s fastest growing mixed team sports, where women and men compete with and against each other on an equal basis. It is a social version of Baseball but if that means nothing to you then it might help to know it comes from the same sporting family as Rounders. Softball is a summer sport and the new season will be starting at the end of April. The social side of the sport plays a big part for a lot of players and teams, with the emphasis definitely on having a good time both on and off the pitch!

Softball has been in existence in Manchester since 1989 with a thriving league of 4 divisions and 400+ players. Manchester Softball League are looking for more players and teams for the upcoming season.

Manchester Softball League are also looking for both male and female players from the ages of 14 upwards (and we already have a good number of players 50+ playing in the league.) Ideally we would like more teams playing Softball so if your organisation or if a group of you feel that you might be able to get a team together then please get in touch with them and they can provide support, guidance and coaching.

The uniqueness of Softball is that both men and women form a team together and you don’t need to be particularly athletic to play! This is ideal for an organisation that might want to foster a team spirit within a fun, social activity.

To register your interest or if you have questions that need answering then please email or visit